NZO is a business
& brand all about living LIFE.

With our pristine WATER SOURCE,
quality certified BOTTLING PLANT & uniquelyNew Zealand PRODUCTS,
we want to share it with the world!

Are you looking for a new Lease of Life ?

NZO Water

NZO™ Water

NZO Water is our flagship water brand from our Volcanic Mineral Springs.

Putaruru, New Zealand

Putaruru is the beautiful untouched park land of our Blue Spring.


Enjoy Waiz, Water from New Zealand for all occasions and experience a taste of NZ life!

Volcanic Blue Spring Water

Our water rises up from a dormant Volcano creating the naturally occurring minerals.


Find LIQ on shelves anywhere, our moderately priced water for everyone to enjoy.

NZO Bottling Facility

We are the only privately owned bottling plant, with our water bottled direct from the source.

You may never taste a cleaner, more virgin

water than from our New Zealand Spring

About NZO International

We are a passionate, energetic and creative multi beverage water based company.

NZO International Ltd consists of a a group of like minded people who believe in New Zealand (NZ) and created NZO (NZ) Ltd
along with investing in a majority stake in NZQW, which is the leading industry player and bottler in NZ.

We have offices in New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong and Thailand.

The Source – The Blue Spring, Putaruru

  • We have access to 400,000L/day from the natural  volcanic Blue Spring

  • We have obtained additional rights to a further  500,000L/day of natural artesian water, from one of  New Zealand’s largest aquifers

  • Our contract with the local council to extract water is  on a continuous renewable 15 year contract per  water source

NZO International Brands

We have several brands in the market, distributed across Asia Pacific and growing!


NZO Volcanic Spring Water –

NZO – Brand story

NZO Volcanic Spring Water rushes fresh from the depths o f a natural spring that originates deep below
the mountains of New Zealand’s Central North Island.

NZO Volcanic Spring Water contains a unique composition of pristine spring water and naturally occurring essential minerals that enhance health and wellbeing and promote a more youthful complexion – The water tastes crisp and refreshing and is packaged in a beautifully designed bottle. Drink NZO and enjoy LIFE.




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Available in

  • 420ml PET still

  • 840ml PET still

  • 420ml Glass still and Sparkling

  • 840ml Glass still and Sparkling

WAIZ – Brand story

Drinking natural, clean water is one of the best things you can do for your body and mind. WAIZ Pure Spring Water comes from deep within the heart of clean, green New Zealand. Bottled at the source, WAIZ is one of the most pristine waters available anywhere in the world. So don’t just drink up, WAIZ up .






Waiz – Water from New Zealand.

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Available in

  • 500ml PET still

  • 330ml PET still

Love your body – Water Benefits


Our water sits close to neutral at 6.6,

so slightly on the Alkali side rather than Acidic. If you look at information on drinking water it indicates that if you’re sitting at/around 7, it’s about as good as it gets.



  • Overall bone health


  • Prevents cardiovascular  diseases
  • Helps regulate high blood  pressure


  • Aids in lowering blood  pressure
  • Improves skin
  • Aids new skin cell growth


  • Aids brain function
  • Aids muscle cramps
  • Aids in anti-aging


  • Improves skin
  • Improves joint function
  • Aid’s digestive function
  • Improves Cardiovascular  health
  • Inhibits aluminum  absorption
  • Improved hair condition

Water Analysis

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Hong Kong

NZO International Limited
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